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My Brother Vinny is a non-profit organization and with your help we can furthur our progress in giving back to the community!
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LogoHelping mankind one good deed at a time!

My Brother Vinny is a small but mighty organization serving veterans throughout NYS.

My Brother Vinny is a 100% Volunteer, NYS 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization founded in 2013. We provide furniture and housewares to formerly homeless US Veterans, outreach groups, shelters and families throughout the Hudson Valley Region, and NYC. We run an annual My Brother Vinny Walk and help local animal shelters and rescue groups in the aid and support of animal welfare. We establish and implement community-based events geared towards improving the enjoyment of life, happiness, and health of the emotionally, physically, and intellectually disabled.

My Brother Vinny provides a tremendous resource to the Department of Veteran Affairs by assisting U.S. Veterans transferring from local Veteran Hospitals, shelters into permanent housing through the HUDVASH Program and supportive housing services. These veterans are from all branches of military service with disabilities and hardships of varying degrees. They are reliant on community organizations such as ours to help them start over. Through community support and donation, we provide furniture and household items to these Veterans. Our services are unique. There is no organization in NYS responsible for fully furnishing the homes of US veterans providing all items needed to start over “free of charge”. We are the furnisher for all veterans housed throughout the state of NY.

My Brother Vinny provides furniture, housewares/home goods to formerly homeless US Veterans. This is not a simple sentence or easy task. This requires constant, tireless dedication and support from an organization that is 100% volunteer. Our organization continues to be the primary resource combating veteran homelessness in our area of service providing them with life essentials such as furniture, household items, and home goods.

When a Veteran starts over, the excitement of moving into a new home can quickly fade when they have no way to rebuild. Picture an empty home, each room freshly painted white walls. The Veteran will start over with a key in hand and whatever they carry into the apartment. They will sleep on the floor, or an air bed if available, or be the lucky few that qualify for beds through a SSVF Grant that will be sent later. All others rely solely on MBV for everything which on many occasions is a full set up (Bed, sofa, dresser, nightstands, coffee table, end tables, kitchen table, chairs, lamps, art, bedding, bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies. art, etc.).

My Brother Vinny provides furniture, housewares/home goods to formerly homeless US Veterans. This is not a simple sentence or easy task. This requires constant, tireless dedication and support from an organization that is 100% volunteer. We believe our Veterans deserve to have a home that is their sanctuary. A place to rest at night in peace that has all the basic life essentials needed to start over.


My Brother Vinny has also become a tremendous resource to the Department of Veteran Affairs HUDVASH Program and the chronically homeless U.S. Veterans staring over in the VA Montrose, VA Bronx, VA Castlepoint Campuses. Since June 2013, we have been assigned over 2350 U.S. Veterans that we have currently assisted or will assist with their moves and transition to independent living. When we say moves we provide all items needed to start over through community support and donations. All of the U.S. Veterans that we assist come from many different branches of military service and with varied degrees of disabilities and hardships. The Veterans although homeless are left with a deep sense of pride and have welcomed our support and services; we do not offer a handout we offer a hand in friendship and support. Our very first Veteran told me that you will have your own Army now: we will help you in any way possible; that could not be any truer. The Veterans have volunteered to help with other stages of My Brother Vinny community service work, help us move other Veterans and look forward to the future work we will do together to help others.

My Brother Vinny is dedicated to the Memory of Vincent Miritello - the Life in the Legacy!

Vincent lived his life with Cerebral Palsy, but was not defined with his disability. He had the most beautiful personality, loved to laugh, float around in the pool, spend time with his family and eat his favorite foods. Vincent could not walk and was nonverbal and despite his limitations he was born with, he lived a life filled with joy. My Brother Vincent was a true blessing to me and left a deep void in my heart when he passed away in 2000. After, he passed away I had a strong desire to spend time and support those with Intellectual Disabilities and those that lived with mental health issues. I started job coaching those with mental health issues and volunteering to coach Special Olympians Athletes. I wanted to focus as much attention as possible to a population I felt was under represented and truly needed a voice. I was a sibling with a deep love of her brother and I needed an outlet. Since Vincent was nonverbal, I felt and even deeper sense to help this population through my need to always protect him. My brother's special needs and learning capacity was that of a toddler; although he passed away at 20. He was the youngest of six children and truly the center of our hearts.

Vincent truly was an Angel and losing him left a deep void in my life, in our lives. He was filled with so much love, pure of heart and taught me the true meaning of compassion and love. He never spoke to me in this life with words, but spoke to my heart where words were not needed. He was special to so many and still spoken of fondly by his wonderful teachers that loved him at Pinesbridge School in Yorktown. To this day, when you visit the school you will see a garden dedicated to his memory. This beautiful soul was my brother and he spread joy wherever he went!

Throughout, the process of helping others and honoring Vincent and his memory. I knew, that I wanted to give him a Legacy. In 2011, I was in a car accident that left me unable to walk for over 4 month confined to a wheelchair with years of physical therapy to recover. It was due to my accident that I was finally able to put all the years of charity work in motion and form My Brother Vinny. My brother lived his entire life in a wheelchair, I felt even closer to him and got a deeper understanding during the time I unable to walk myself. I clearly saw even deeper the strength those that live with special needs, physical limitations overcome daily. The dependence on those that love them and the public support needed to go through daily living.

The deep love that I had in my heart to help others; slowly day by day turned into My Brother Vinny the 501c3. I am beyond thankful to those that help me, help others. Everyone that volunteers and tirelessly spares their precious time trying to make the world a better place; are the priceless gifts my brother gives to me.

I think back at just how far we have come since Vincent passed away and officially becoming a NYS nonprofit organization in 2013. We have vital programs and charitable work that makes a difference to so many. My love of helping those with mental health issues, disabilities and the homeless in turn developed into our vital work we do to help homeless Veterans start over. It flows day by day and evolves rapidly!

I am truly proud to say, he has his own nonprofit in his memory, his own My Brother Vinny walk and through the community service work we perform we honor him by become a true support for our U.S. Veterans. Every day I feel "Amazed" and honored that we are truly powered by the people and making a difference.

I have never felt so much joy as I do now helping others and keeping Vinny's memory alive.

We’re expanding and our services; we will truly have a profound reach. I am living my passion, I am honoring my brother, life is beautiful!

- A word on My Brother Vinny by Paula Miritello

Our Vision for the future is to continue to help the community and expand our reach! I want people to hear “My Brother Vinny” and know they have a resource, friend and help without question and with all heart.

Community & NYS Awards

2023 - "Community Service Award" at the 58th Anniversary WestCOP Gala - New Rochelle, NY - December 1, 2023
2023 - Honoree, Play For Your Freedom. Veterans Appreciation Ceremony - Newburgh Armory, NY - October 7, 2023
2023 - "Community Service Award," presented by the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement at their "30th Anniversary, Sharing Hope Celebration Dinner" at the Pierre Hotel in NYC.- October 6, 2023
2023 - G. Cabato and C. Colombo Club - 2023 Italian American of Distinction Award honored at club's 90th Anniversary - April 15, 2023

2022 - Local Heroes/Yorktown Hero - My Brother Vinny. November 1, 2020 Read more
2022 - Vetty Award Winner - 7th Annual Academy of United States Veterans, Category of Homelessness, April 23, 2022 - Las Vegas, NV. from the 7th Academy of United States Veteran
2022 - Top 20 finalist for the Congressional Medal of Honor Society's 2022 Citizen Honors Award View proclaimation.

2021 - National Honor - Vetty Award Winner in the Category of Veteran Homelessness from the 6th Academy of United States Veteran in Washington, DC - July 3, 2021
2021 - Vetty Award Nominee, Paula Miritello and My Brother Vinny - Category of Veteran Homelessness from the Academy of United States Veteran

2020 - Westchester County Executive, George Latimer, Proclamation for Paula Miritello in honor of servicing 1000 Veterans, Vetty Award. February 16, 2020.
2020 - Westchester County Executive, George Latimer, for My Brother Vinny in honor of servicing 1000 Veterans, Vetty Award. February 16, 2020.
2020 - NYS Senate Proclamation, My Brother Vinny, 1000th Veteran served. February 16, 2020.
2020 - Town of Yorktown Proclamation from Supervisor Matt Slater. January 21, 2020. In honor of the Vetty Award.
It's an honor to receive Supervisor Matt Slater's 1st Proclamation of his career issued. Paula Miritello 
2020 - Proclamation from Senator Pete Harckham, NYS 40th District, January 21, 2020. In honor of the Vetty Award.
2020 - Westchester Board of County Legislators Proclamation, declaring January 22, 2020 "Paula Miritello Day." Vedat Gashi, District 4, January 21, 2020. In honor of the Vetty Award.
2020 - Citation - NYS Assembly, 94th District from Kevin Byrne January 21, 2020. In honor of the Vetty Award 
2020 - National Honor - Vetty Award Winner in the Category of Veteran Homelessness from the 5th Academy of United States Veteran in Washington, DC - January 18, 2020

2019 - Nominated for an Allstate Renewal Reward, December 8, 2019
2019 - St. Stephen AME Zion Church, Asbury Park, NJ, Appreciation Award for Service to Veterans, November 10, 2019
2019 - Melvin Jones Fellow – Paula Miritello was honred by Lions Club International for dedication and humanitarian services, October
2019 - NYS Self Storage Foundation Honoree October 10, 2019
2019 - The Lake Mahopac Rotary Club, Service Above Self Sept 2019 Award
2019 - Proclamation from Senator Peter Harckham, NYS 40th District Veteran #800 Recognition
2019 - Patterson Rotary Certificate of Appreciation May 28, 2019
2019 - The Home Depot Foundation Grant NJ/Metro Area

2018 - State Farm "Good Neighbor of the Month" for August at Yankee Stadium
2018 - Woman of Valor honored by Temple Israel of Northern Westchester Brotherhood
2018 - Most Loved Charity Westchester Voted by the readers of Hulafrog

2017 - New York State Senate Proclamation for My Brother Vinny's 500th Veteran move - honored by Senator Terrence P. Murphy
2017 - Service Above Self Award - The Lake Mahopac Rotary Club
2017 - New York State Senate Proclamation for My Brother Vinny's 400th Veteran move - honored by Senator Terrence P. Murphy
2017 - 2017 Women of Distinction for the NYS Senate's 40th District - Paula Miritello honored by Senator Terrence P. Murphy

2016 - Carmel Rotary Volunteer of the Year
2016 - Hudson Valley Hero, June 2016 Read More

2015 - Paul Harris Fellow, Inducted by the Yorktown Rotary Club
2015 - Volunteer of the Year – Cortlandt Rotary Club
2015 - Proclamation Paula Miritello Day - Westchester County, NY, Presented by Legislator Kaplowitcz, June 10, 2015
2015 - Yorktown Leo's Citizen of the Year
2015 - Certificate of Excellence - Town of Yorktown
2015 - Proclamation from Senator Terrence Murphy - Regard Paul Harris Fellows
2015 - Honoree, Caring for the Homeless of Peekskill "CHOP" Jan Peek Shelter

2014 - Robert J. Uplinger Distinguished Service Award - Yorktown Lions Club
2014 - Brandel Murphy Youth Service Award – Lions Club International
2014 - Distinguished Citizenship Award by the Yorktown Elks Club for “Outstanding and Meritorious Service to Humanity”

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