2017 My Brother Vinny/ Vincent Miritello Walk

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I'm beyond thankful and honored to have all of your support at this year's My Brother Vinny Walk!

Thank you all for sharing today's walk and for the generosity you have shown our charity "My Brother Vinny". When I started the journey of having this charity walk, I joined another charity as a supporter with my team and decided to name it after Vinny. Never imagining at that point that through the honoring my beautiful brothers memory we could begin such life changing work and develop such strong bonds from so many individuals that may not have met through everyday walks of life. Our volunteers are passionate, hardworking and vital and today like always they shined. Through honoring my brother Vincent we have created a beautiful family.

When the VA arrived one of the Veterans that we will soon support with his move brought me a beautiful shirt and hat, that he wanted to make sure I had this signify his branch of service and unit. (Army/Airborne). It was touching and I heard from our VA Recreational Therapist that a Veteran wanted us to have his $5 donation, something he cannot spare to help us. Seeing Westhab social workers show up with their Director was beautiful, they came out to rally behind us, due to getting to know our work through the homes we furnish when they provide the Vets housing and support. That's beautiful team work to me.

Columbia Cardiology Group saw our News 12 story, took time to learn about our work and than came out to support us by becoming a "Super Star Sponsor" forming the Cardiology Group Warriors.

The Customer Center, "Super Star Sponsor" generously donated our iPad mini for our raffle. Plus, Gino and Gerard Ambrosio came out to help for the entire day.

ReelSnow thank you for donating our snow cone machine, cotton candy machine and for always being their year round. Thank you Lisa, Michelle, Joe and Daniella for helping today. It was even touching to see one of the ReelSnow helpers Julio come up with his family. He took a train and a taxi to get to the park with his entire family, I wish I had known I would have tried to have them picked up.

Stop & Shop Somers "Super Star Sponsor" they had a beautiful table with fruits, vegetables, and water. After walk our VA Montrose Veterans were given all extras to bring back to the Vets in the hospital.

Thank you so much Yorktown Heights Fire Department, Jeff Slotoroff for taking time from you busy schedule to bring the Ladder truck with the flag. Thank you so much Chief Swart for the approval and Commissioner Martin McGannon, Sam Slotoroff and Ryan for helping.

It takes a village!!! I wish I had enough time to walk around and tell you individually just how much it means to have your support. I am thankful daily to be among the very best, kind, genuine souls.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for joining us today at this year's My Brother Vinny Walk. Thank you for taking the time out of your weekend to spend it with us.

For months we coordinate and plan our big event with the hope that the weather will be amazing and the sun will shine for our big day! Our services continue to grow and we're actively making changes in the lives of all we touch. This is where support like this so important and needed. The 427 US Veterans we have supported since June, 2013; is a labor of love, dedication and hardwork from our 100% Volunteer organization, with support from all of you that have donated to us.

The walk is special to me since it's my way of honoring my brother and walking for the good deeds we do in his memory. We raised over $13,000 today, putting us at a little over $40,000 if all pledges are turned in. My hope for the future will be to have more support and to get even more breathing room. We do Agency level work on no budget and need more constant support.

Thank you Kenny Beck my amazing boyfriend that keeps our life working smoothly working non stop for me and MBV. He's genuinely one of the kindest souls out there.

FDR Park Manager Rob Guarino and amazing park crew. FDR Park is a beautiful gift to our committee.

Thank you Senator Terrence Murphy's Office, Marykate Acquisto for typing our merit certificates and for Marianne Oros volunteering and helping with prevention.

Thank you walk commitee members Megan Bryson and Melissa Bryson, Stephanie Carillo, Heather Day, Dena DeLucia-Pryzgoda, Terri Dyckoff, Janet Hecken, Maryellen Rose Howard, Stacey Lopez, Emily Marin LaCava, Maria O'Flaherty, Danielle Palumbo, Scott Fisher, Viki Trifari, Jane Wilson, Hannah and Issy Wilson.

Thank you all of the Yorktown Lions for all of the hard work you do every year for us. The tireless work manning our BBQ year after year is truly appreciated.

Thank you Team Captains! Thank you for supporting us year round.

Charitable Forces from all walks of life will joined us to support My Brother Vinny! Fire Forces, Military Forces, Police Forces, Super Forces, Zumba Forces with one mission!

Help mankind one good deed at a time.

2017 My Brother Vinny Walk!

My Brother Vinny is a 100% Volunteer, 501c3 Organization.

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